About us

TICTA is an International Certification Organisation (ICO) offering a range of certifications in First Aid, Lifeguard, Manual Handling, Fire Safety and Mental Health to businesses, organisations and individuals globally.


TICTA seeks to provide a first class service with a mission to exceed expectations by listening.


We are family-run business, we believe in family values and we are continuously looking for new partnerships to help grow the global footprint of the TICTA certifications. If you would like to be considered for a partnership please select Become a TICTA Approved Academy and complete the information form fully.

TICTA offer a portfolio of courses with the benefit of International Certification to British Standards. Companies are invited to become an approved TICTA training academy that will then be able to offer our portfolio of courses. The company will train the trainers to use and teach all the TICTA methods so the training can be offered under the TICTA name. The quality of the training can then be monitored and maintained to the required standards.

TICTA also invite current Health and Safety providers to become approved centres offering the portfolio of courses. To allow them to become providers they have to pass our Quality Assurance checks. Large corporate companies who would benefit from the reduced costs of in-house training are also considered for becoming an academy to allow them to run their own training. Having been in the industry for 21 years and of that 12 + years operating in Dubai, Steven the Director/Founder of TICTA could see there was a gap in the market for bespoke tailored courses that could be adapted for certain industries. TICTA also offer consultancy services to help find training solutions. 

TICTA pride themselves that they listen to what people want. By doing this Steven realised that off the shelf products don’t always solve a problem and that being able to offer bespoke courses would be a better fit. Qualifications can be modelled to the country the course may be held in or standards required e.g. the Government requirements within the UAE.  Training materials used e.g. the training manual and power point presentations can also be translated if this is required. 

TICTA offer a new style of learning which is very interactive, practical and hands on to meet all learning styles; oral, visual and kinaesthetic. There is a Quality Assurance procedure in place to ensure that these methods of training are being used. TICTA are keen to work closely with local government organisations to ensure not only the quality of the training is of the correct standard but also the content. 
TICTA is dedicated in providing a first class service to all. The company aims to be accountable transparent, responsive and inclusive. To ensure this is maintained we have the following policies and procedures in place: 

1.    Equality and Diversity
2.    Customer Service Targets
3.    Enquiries and Appeals
4.    Data Protection
5.    Malpractice and Maladministration
6.    Quality Assurance
7.    Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration
8.    Health and Safety Policy

Director & Founder

Steven James Perry  
Telephone: +44 (0)3300940166, +44 (0)7702 559602 

A highly experienced and dedicated Curriculum Developer with a vast knowledge of the UK and Middle Eastern Health and Safety sector. I have a strong background in creating and maintaining an extensive range of educational material in First Aid, Lifeguard and Teacher/Assessment. A dependable team player who works well with others, but is also self-driven and results focused. I am meticulous, with high personal standards and uses initiative to identify new business opportunities. Passionate about own self-development and facilitating learning in others.