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We offer a range of courses consisting of 3 - 18 hours training designed to address different levels of learning requirements to ensure that you and your organisation meet your country’s legal obligations such as the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 for UK.


We can provide on-site training for public sector and third sector organisations as well as private sector companies that can be held at a venue of your choice and times to suit you. We are happy to tailor and adapt any course to meet your needs.

Get the 24/7 First Aid Manual today 


The 24/7 First Aid Manual (Flip Edition) is a fully packed and comprehensive guide to first aid for all ages. The manual is designed in a simple step by step format and can complement a first aid course or be used as a reference guide for anyone interested in gaining knowledge in first aid. The A5 layout allows the manual to be kept within a first aid kit or close at hand within the home so the clear, in-depth and easy to understand descriptions of many emergency situations are always available.

Starting from the front cover of the book the manual contains all topics found within multiple first aid qualifications like the HSE standard First Aid at Work or Paediatric First Aid. This leads to one manual only ever being required for all courses. Being a flip edition when in an emergency situation the manual can be flipped to the back cover allowing it to be used for quick reference by following the Quick Prompt Charts (QPC’s) to help you the rescuer keep on track in an emergency situation. The manual also comes with a basic resuscitation barrier.

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