Bespoke Qualifications


At TICTA we strive to help organisations create their own bespoke curriculums within the health and safety sector.​ Our brand and expertise will enable you to demonstrate the quality and rigour of your qualification to your end user/customer. This will help you drive sales and improve the value of your qualification. What’s more you will retain ownership of your qualification content and delivery.

Our most recent partnership is with an organisation named COGNIASAL.








What are Bespoke Qualifications?

  • Bespoke qualifications are the perfect solution for your organisation if you have training needs that aren’t met by other options available.

  • Bespoke Qualifications are unregulated qualifications designed by your organisation and accredited by us – they just need to have measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

  • Your organisation makes the judgement on achievement and you retain all ownership and intellectual property of your qualification(s).

Why choose Bespoke Qualifications?

Stamp of approval

Offering Bespoke Qualifications means you have accreditation from us a leading International Certifying Organisation in the Global market, demonstrating the quality and rigour of your qualification(s).

Certification for your learners

We issue your certificates, which demonstrate the new skills, knowledge and competence your learners have achieved by training with you. The certificates include your logo as well as ours, which helps show our confidence and approval of your qualification(s), helping you to re-enforce the quality of your training.